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With over 20 years of experience breeding and raising horses who have become succeesful competitors on a national level for a broad range of disciplines, as well as those who are invaluable members of the family.  

Each year, we offer a select group of our horses for sale.  In some cases, we may offer a proven broodmare when we retain a filly for the future, but rarely get an opportunity to advertise them for sale.  Please visit our SALES page for a complete list. 

With genetic strength a focus of the horses here at Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC, all blood stock have been genetic health tested for ANY inherited diseases among ANY stock horses.  We want to offer our customers the added security in knowing the genetic health of their purchases.  Therefore, the test results for all of our mares and stallions are posted by a clickable link on each horse's name.  For more information about the inherited diseases among stock horses, visit our EQUINE GENETIC DISEASE page to learn more.  
We advertise our own horses--no agents involved. We do not consign any horses to auctions of any type.  No affiliation with Come To The Source, Blue Valentine Driftwood Connection, or Grullo and Roan Zone.  Our horses are born, raised and offered for sale from the ranch. 

The best source for grullo roan and blue roan performance horses.