Quite simply, we are ranchers first, by occupation and choice.  We produce beef for human consumption with the by-products that offer a broad spectrum of household, pharmaceutical, automotive and pet products.  We raise our horses as another tool for our ranch operation and personal enjoyment.   Horse breeders are very different than those who produce horses.  

We raise our horses with a very specific business and marketing plan which is drastically different than our cattle operation.  Our horses are registered American Quarter Horses with genetics based on the premise of versatility which promoted the American Quarter Horse to its current popularity.  Through this level of versatility, we hope to afford our horses the opportunity of usefulness for a wide range of disciplines.  While we are members of the American Quarter Horse Association, we do not philosophically align with AQHA’s position of pro horse slaughter, yet not for the reasons of most others.

We don’t ride the fence.  Our horses have contributed in several ways to our ranch operation and we are grateful for their service.  Both stallions and mares have the opportunity to retire on the ranch once their breeding days have past.  We realize the resource allocation required for the care of any horse, first hand.  While we try to sell our horses to like minded individuals, we understand that circumstances can change, horses may have many owners over their lifetime, and many owners simply cannot offer a forever home for a variety of reasons.  

So, if a horse that was bred or once owned by Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC or its owners--or even the get of one of our mares or stallions--is found to be in an at-risk situation, we will offer assistance in getting the horse into a safer situation, no questions asked  We appreciate our customers, equine advocates, and the friends we have yet to meet who assist us in learning about any Coyote Ridge horses, who for whatever reason, end up in a less than ideal situation.  We are located on Facebook at Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC, by email at crranchllc@gmail.com, and phone (479) 997-8581.  For calls, please note we are in the central time zone.  
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With horse welfare being a very hot-button topic and much criticism directed toward breeders, as well as questions whether we support or oppose horse slaughter, the time has come to make our position public.  Until this point, our policy has been quietly navigated.  We want to define our position as breeders, not producers, and the long term committment to the horses we have created and the horses who have served us.
First, we have work experience that has allowed us a depth of understanding for the life cycle and rendering process of various meat animals for which equidae simply are not best suited.  This is based on our current and past management of meat animals, part-ownership of a processing facility complete with a retail meat market, and the sales of traditional and exotic meat products.  

Second, from a business aspect, the rendering of a horse for its meat negatively impacts our current bottom line as a rancher in two ways: a.) we sell feed supplements which a dead horse has no need for and b.) human consumption of any other red meat equates to lost market share for our beef production center.  

Finally, and this is last on the list for a reason, since people knowingly take pleasure ingesting a whole host of toxicities, there’s a health safety issue related to the unregulated use of steroids, antibiotics, deworming products and other chemical agents administered to the vast majority of domesticated horses today, which offers an undocumented and serious health risk to the consuming public.

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