"Blue Valentine bred mares at Coyote Ridge Roans" Copyright photo 2008 Jennifer Keller
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This is a visual presentation of the ancestors behind horses at Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC.  Of course, all of our horses go back to Joe Hancock, his son Red Man, and his granson Blue Valentine.  Many others trace back to Joe Hancock's son, Texas Blue Bonnet and grandson, Plenty Coup (both not pictured).  We hope the photos of many of the matrons from this line of genetics are a real treat, since the stallions are usually the only ones photographed.
   Joe Hancock

Buck Hancock

Heart Hancock

Red Roan Raider
Red Man
Blue Valentine
Roan Ambrose
Bonny Blues (2007)
Salty Roan
Leo Hancock Hayes
Rowdy Blue Man
Plenty Try
        Soft Salt
Wyo Blue Bonnet (2007)
Blues Beard
Ruano Rojo
    Bonnie O Blue (2004)L-R (starting with blue mare)  Bonnie O Blue
    granddam to several of our horses                  Bonnie Hayes and Blue Half Blue (2004)
Blue Dot Hancock (2012)     Ms Sierra Hancock (2009)
                   Dam of Hairpin Blue Dot        Dam of Wyo Miss Raider
Fox Blue (2007)
Chuckkar Blue (2004)               Blue Advantage (2004)
                   Dam of Wyo ChuckkarDam of Jenny Hayes and granddam of Wyo Roan Advantage
        Mr Roan Hancock
            Sire to Berry Foxy     
    Plenty Foxy with Berry Foxy (2004)