Transport within the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)--

A.  If you will be paying a transport service provider that you do not know on a personal basis, request the following  
     information, FIRST:
1. the shipper's USDOT & ICC/MC number
2. proof of liability insurance
3. several references and if they have been in business for several years, they should have some regular clients
           (If the shipper badgers you for asking or refuses to provide these, STOP and pursue an alternate shipper.)
B.  VERIFY the shipper's name, USDOT number, and/or ICC/MC number as represented.  There are shippers who publish USDOT and ICC/MC numbers that are not related to them.  Verify the information by reviewing the same site that law enforcement and insurance companies use:
USDOT Safer System

C.   The USDOT Safer System's company snapshot gives a substantial amount of information:
  • The USDOT and ICC/MC numbers themselves give a ballpark idea of how long the company has been in business.  (To survive in business requires a lot of skill, today.  In transportation, it's more than just behind the wheel).
  • It clearly states whether the shipper has legal operating authority to transport your horse(s) as a 'for-hire' CARRIER (look for those key words). If so, they legally meet the Federal regulations, including qualified drivers, minimum insurance requirements, and adequate rest for drivers while traveling.  If they do NOT have legal operating authority and get stopped in route by law enforcement, they can be placed "out of service" and your horses will be subjected to a substantial delay until you can arrange other transportation--at an additional expense to you for board and hiring a legitimate transport company.
  • It details how many accidents the carrier has had in the last 2 years, and the type: fatality, injury, or tow (provides an idea of overall safety on the road)
  • It details how many road side inspections have been performed on the carrier in the last 2 years and whether the vehicle and/or driver was placed out of service (Again shows safety on the road, but more importantly--it tells the likelihood that your horse will be standing on a trailer for several hours before the carrier is allowed back in service.)
  • It provides an overall carrier safety rating according to ANY internal audit performed by the USDOT and the date that most recent audit was performed (provides an idea of the overall business management)

We are always happy to offer tips and references based on our own experiences in an effort to save a client time, 
money, and/or a heartache.
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The following is not legal advice.  Please consult your attorney with any legal questions.
International Transportation--
     There is a USDA approved quarantine facility that we feel confident in recommending to our clients abroad.  This    
     particular facility can provide show conditioning and a variety of other services, at an additional fee.  We can provide 
     direct contact information and allow buyers an opportunity to review current fees before making a decision. 
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